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The Most Fun, Effective
Brain Training Program
that Uses the Whole Body to
Facilitate & Increase Use of the Whole Brain author=Nancy_Swayzee


brainBreathworks·For Your Brain

Physical Activity created to Increase Brain Function
Developed for Senior Brains & those that will be!
Specific exercises/activities for those with early stage Alzheimer's and Dementia

Physical exercise that makes you think!
Exercise to make you use your MEMORY

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 Exercises For Your Back

(Perfect for Everyone!)


Abdominal Strengthening Program
Original  "Core" exercises NO Sit-ups- Curl-ups or Crunches! Visual change in appearance...
Taller - Leaner - Younger

Back to Back Basics
Safe, easy and effective back exercises
Gentle range of motion exercises
Moving stretches for the whole-body

CD's now available!!


Exercises for Anywhere

(Standing or Sitting - No equipment necessary)


Seated Exercises

(For Special Populations & Special Circumstances)


Dance & Play
Yourself To a Better Brain
·Demand - Use - Function 


Nancy Swayzee,
American College
of Sports Medicine





Moment·by Moment..·An Ageless Process
Nancy's Blog - Read Now
"How to Let Your Cells Stop
and Take a Deep Breath"


Whole-Body Breathworks

 Exercises for Older Adults and Seniors

Increased Demand
Creates Increased Use
Creates Increased Function

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Balance & Coordination·Exercises


·····Exercise for Audacious Adults
······Exercises to make you
        Feel Like a·Kid Again

····· Fall in Love with Life (not fall down)